Outsystems P10 “Unboxing” by Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions

    So what exactly are the differences between the P9 and P10? In order to discover precisely that, here at Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions, we decided to “unbox” and conduct a broad stroke review of the P10 version of the Outsystems platform – for that purpose we counted on the help of some […]


Outsystems considered as visionary among its peers – 2016 Gartner Report

    Conclusions of the 2016 Gartner Report Gartner, Inc. is one of the leading research and advisory companies in the I.T. field, establishing benchmarks and providing C.E.O.´s and C.T.O´s with the information they require, in order to make the best possible decisions regarding their projects technical needs and business objectives. In the2016 edition of […]


NextStep: Did anyone ask for a revolution?

OutSystems NextStep

OutSystems presented Platform 10 at the company’s last global NextStep which took place in Lisbon on the 2nd and 3rd of May. At the global conference, which gathered clients and developers, everybody had the opportunity to witness first hand the changes this new platform brings. With the tagline “Join the Revolution”, Platform 10 (P10) changes […]

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