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Outsystems platform – from visionaries to market leaders in just one year!!

Conclusions of the 2017 Gartner Report Already in 2016, the forward thinking, cost-effective, fast delivery capabilities of the Outsystems platform had been rewarded with the Gartner´s Report validation, regarding Outsystems as a “visionary company”.     Now, merely a year later – the Gartner Report considers Outsystems to be a market leader, ahead of some […]

      We are pleased to announce that our company has been distinguished with an award for best practices in the category “Small Companies” ranking in 9th place in that class. The “Índice da Excelência 2016” is a study conducted by Neves de Almeida HR Consulting, in partnership with the magazines Human Resources Portugal, […]


Outsystems P10 “Unboxing” by Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions

    So what exactly are the differences between the P9 and P10? In order to discover precisely that, here at Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions, we decided to “unbox” and conduct a broad stroke review of the P10 version of the Outsystems platform – for that purpose we counted on the help of some […]


Working hard is good – working S.M.A.R.T. is better

  Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions promotes a “back to basics” approach to Agile Project Management. When one looks at the day-to-day work of a top level athlete, very rarely will one see the execution of very complicated drills and training routines – these will comprise of about 10 to 20% of the total volume […]


Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions: One year in business

    Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions just celebrated one year in business – as a young start-up company it´s important to appreciate these milestones and look back on our accomplishments as we move forward. Of all the goals we set out to achieve at the beginning of this journey – one year ago – […]


Outsystems considered as visionary among its peers – 2016 Gartner Report

    Conclusions of the 2016 Gartner Report Gartner, Inc. is one of the leading research and advisory companies in the I.T. field, establishing benchmarks and providing C.E.O.´s and C.T.O´s with the information they require, in order to make the best possible decisions regarding their projects technical needs and business objectives. In the2016 edition of […]


Skills and Drills – the keys to outstanding performance

  At Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions, we´re very much aware of the fact that recruiting top-tier talent, creating multidisciplinary teams, and fostering a dynamic managerial environment where each unique individual, bringing their own skillset to table, strengthens the team as a whole – simply isn´t enough. In software development, there´s no such thing as […]

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