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At Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions, we´re very much aware of the fact that recruiting top-tier talent, creating multidisciplinary teams, and fostering a dynamic managerial environment where each unique individual, bringing their own skillset to table, strengthens the team as a whole – simply isn´t enough.

In software development, there´s no such thing as a crystalized skillset one can fall back on – the very nature of our work depends on continuous training and staying ahead of the market.

That is why we, at Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions, partnered up with Designsete of the E.Gen ventures group, experts in interface design – to provide us with fundamental and advanced training in usability, so that in turn, we may develop better and more efficient software solutions for our clients.

Our first workshop took place on July, 1st at the E.Gen ventures auditorium – yielding immediate results in our current workflow. We´re looking forward to further initiatives of this sort, and wish to extend our thanks to the Designsete team that made this possible.


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